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My Christmas Dress is beautifully made with black Velvet and I matched it with the Holidays Colors of Gold shoes and Green head wrap to compliment the season
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Dress : Old  (here) Shoes : Brian Atwood (here)  Neck lace  (here)

C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E  W.I.S.P.E.R

Hello my dears and welcome back to the blog. Merry Christmas and a happy holiday’s season! There’s nothing like the Christmas season with decorations, shopping, gifts, food, family and friends. I am expecting my oldest son and my anchor home in a few days!! I have kept my word not to spend too much money on shopping this season. I however do have one pair of bling and glitter shoe and accessories I ‘acquired’ and I will post soon for you to swoon over.

I feel like I need some extra hours in my day! How about a 26 hour day? I just can’t cram enough into my 24 hours. With preparations for ”An Awareness Fashion Show May 06, 2016”,  it is a whirlwind of activities. I am corralling my sponsors as well as the designers that will feature on that day. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for The Celebrity Guest of Honour for the show who is a “Real Housewife Star!” Toronto media will be on a 24 hour call because how do you keep a “Real Housewife Star” happy without media publicity? Awesomeness! Just you wait to be wowed!

But on a more serious note, do you know also that this is the season a lot of people become really depressed and lonely for one reason or the other? Perhaps they lost a loved one who they usually spend this time of the year with, or they are new in a place and have no family or friends around around. If that is you, please don’t be alone. Join a church group or any kind of social group, even at work or at your gym. Engage them, tell them what your fears for the season is and how it’s a particularly tough time for you. I guarantee you will get more invitations than you can handle to spend Christmas and the New Year with some new friends or family. I remember several years ago, a co-worker confided in me how much she dreaded the coming Christmas festivities because she had just ended a long relationship with her significant other and she couldn't handle being alone. I invited her to spend Christmas with us and we are still very good friends till this day. It’s not just about you having a good time! Think about other people that may not be in such a good place and give them as much support as you can. Drop off some food at your local food bank and take the kids to the homeless shelter either at Christmas or in the New Year to help out with serving dinner. Kids need to know how life on the other side can be. This helps to keep them well balanced and focused. I also recommend sponsoring a family’ for Christmas through your local charity.

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My Style Conner:
This brown knit dress I bought in London is a Liviana Conti, the Italian mastermind behind inventive knitting and patterns Her knitwear is an embodiment of her personality; and this dress is an expression of a style which is essential yet refined, the progeny of a conceptual art which makes a cult of our times out of a refined minimalism. It is the very synonym of quality, created with craftsman-like care, and evokes something of the ‘haiku’ - the greatest poetic expression [of fashion] where the imagination lingers over a detail to bring us the very essence of it. Although is a lovely fall piece, you can wear it all year round.
I am all set for a date with my clutch purse but will just as soon ‘jet off’ with my Louis Vuitton duffle Keep All bag in this outfit as well. It is truly a versatile piece. My other accessories are the ankle buckle open toe boots and the burnt orange shawl. My make-up is warm and inviting, capturing the essence of fall.


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Dress: (here) Ankle Boot (here) Hat (here) purse (here) Duffle keep All 60 (here)
Sunglasses (here) Jacket (here)
Picture credits: Worship Media Toronto @647 9892837

    Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita Amondi Nyong'o is a Kenyan actress and film director. She was born in Mexico, but was raised in Kenya. She attended college in the United States, earning a Bachelor's degree in film and theater studies from Hampshire College

Lupita s look stole the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere on Friday evening wearing a stunning Prada white silk jersey gown with a gold sequin smocked bodice.

Lupita s look stole the red carpet for the Toronto International Film Festival premiere on Friday evening wearing a stunning Prada white silk jersey gown with a gold sequin smocked bodice.
It's turning into the greatest Oscar story in years. Lupita Nyong'o's stolen Oscar dress -- which was reportedly worth between $150,000 and $10 MILLION -- seen on security Camara.Will you buy a dress that is worth this price?
 Lupita Nyong'o  made  2014 Oscars best dressed list in this amzaing Prada baby blue.

 Lupita Nyong'o Teases Oscars Dress, Says She Loves "Color" and "Clean Lines"

she continues to be a stunner with her taste and choice of dresses

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M.Y  L.O.S.T  D.R.E.S.S
Happy weekend my lovelies, I guess we are all counting down, to Christmas – twelve days to go! How is everyone doing? I am glad it’s that time again when I hang out with ‘you all’ as my Houstonian friends would say. It’s been one hectic week for me as I concluded the first step in my upcoming Fashion Show on May 6th, 2016! Yes, that’s the Awareness Fashion Show I was hinting about last week. The information flyer is up on the blog now. Look out! the full details will usher us in to the new year.

My other challenge this week was extracting a tooth at the dentist’s. He tried so hard over the past few years to save it but a last, he had to let it go, sadly. I’m not sure who felt the loss more, him or me! They don’t like pulling them these days because it means one less reason for you to go back and spend for more ‘dental work!’ Hahaha!

Did you pay attention to the title of this post my friends? Don’t you simply love my dress? My lowest point this past week is what happened to that dress! After I finished the photo session with that dress, I changed into my last outfit and hung the dress on the hook behind the door in a restroom stall in the mall (the photo shoot was in the mall). You need to visit me on set to understand how chaotic and hectic these shoots can become., it is not all about taking pictures. The photographer is on the clock and he wants me to change and appear like magic for the next session in like two seconds! I love him though because he takes wonderful shots. Did you see the quality of these photos and our new label? Liz my intern was overwhelmed because she was working all alone (I usually schedule two for any photo session but the second one called in  sick so I asked her to take the day off). Liz forgot to retrieve the dress from the restroom and when she ran back half an hour later, the dress was gone. The poor girl was so distressed but I told her it was okay. I made a mental note never to do a shoot again without at least two interns working with me.

I would really like that dress back because it is so beautiful and I’ve never even wore it before the shoot! The funny thing is that I don’t even remember the designer, because I found it at some corner boutique down town that carries many different brands.  I loved the dress the moment I set my eyes on it, the gaping cleavage, the short skirt length that allows me show off my knee high boots, the warm long sleeves with the fancy open zipper at the wrist, and did you see the back of it? This is just a dress to die for!

The fabric on the outside has the usual seasonal cotton flannel look and feel but the inside surface is engineered different creating a warm fuzzy fleece look and feel that keeps the skin warm. I decided to rock this dress like a teenager with a backpack, knee length boots and socks. I couldn't wear it without the knee length boots though because of the short length of the ‘flared’ Remember the ‘flare’ makes a short dress appears and feel even shorter.

I bought the last of this dress and if you ever see someone wearing the dress will you alert me? Seriously! Hahaha. But I am moving on. On a more serious note, if anyone knows who made this dress I would like to know so I can replace it. That would be really nice, thank you. 

My makeup is dark, warm and seasonal, and my other accessories – saucy felt hat and chic sun glasses are OMG sick!

Remember………..too blesses!d to stress

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dress (here)  and (here) boots: fergalicious cuff (here) and (here) hat (here) sunglasses (here)
back pack (here)


picture credit :  worship media Toronto (647) 989 2837

Thank you so much Square one mall  Management for making this a beautiful photo shoot.