Hello my people!
What's going on over there?  Welcome back to the KV blog. I   am very excited to have you all back. KV fans, KV friends, KV movement. The excitement on this blog is palpable. Do you feel it like I  do? Is that why you come back every week? I certainly  hope so because you are what makes my world go round. This week is just one of those weeks filed with absolute  craziness. Things went from zero to 100 so fast that I was left reeling. One crisis after another, back to back and  I prayed to God to stop the crazy spinning fairy wheel so I  could get off!
If you are reading this now, always remember, to count your blessings and hold
fast to your faith, amen.

Who do we have joining the May 06, 2016 Awareness Fashion but the Toronto School of Fashion and the POP N Shop Events all in the great  beautiful  CN  city of Toronto! Yeeh! They are the  latest addition to my ever growing team of sponsors. I will announce more sponsors every Saturday here on the blog, every Tuesday on my Facebook and also on instagram. I am gonna rock this fashion show people and you  better be there. Have you noticed that I write about other celebrities here on Wednesdays? Yes, I am doing new things everyday because there are no limits to what you can do my friends. Just do it!

What's cooking in  My Style Conner.
 Awesomeness, wild and rustic even tumble and rough. What would you do if you suddenly found yourself lost and alone in the wild? Cold, Wet  'n' Wild, all alone and forlorn? How about the wild foxes keeping you company? or some old boxes in a shed with perhaps some long forgotten treasure?
Are you a scout? Can you make a fire?

Not to worry because this black wool jacket by Espirit is all you need to keep you warm. The pink shirt has my KV logo embossed on the sleeve. Pink always goes with black and I love the personal touch the logo gives my shirts. Because my skirt is short, I have the long knee high  boots and patterned black  hose to keep me really warm.
The scenery is totally one with nature on this rough and wild winter day. I wanted to catch a few shots in the snow before saying  goodbye to good old winter.
Love you much from  ........me

My style Conner: woow did you notice that  I engraved my initials on my shirt/ KV  all the way.
I choose the above knee skirt and a long over the knee boot.  adding a small Brest vest to bring this look to the edge , you can never go wrong with the correct accessories, if you use them well.

Wool Coat: Espirit (here)
Skirt Old
fur scarf : gift (here)
beads ; gift
hat: gift
Boots: gift 
Sunglasses ; River Island : (here)

Stay blessed and thank you for your time.

I call her the woman of endless possibilities, She is super multi Talented,  Pretty and Classy .Joy Mordi  Olotu  is a Canadian born  that was raised both in Nigeria and Canada. 

Knowing her for the past 20 years, she has always wanted to better her life, She thinks it and will do it, She has flare and passion with fashion and she spits style. "YES"
She never ceases to embrace every opportunity that comes her way, to make it productive Joy is very creative,

Speaking about productive and creativity, most of the things she does, she thought her self, Joy created this outfit(above) by herself just by learning on youtube, this is just one of the many outfits and she will d├ębut her line this year.
Joy has her own business called Shakina Beads , make up and Gele.
She is a make-up Artist
Gospel Singer
Hair dresser
Event Moderator
Motivational Speaker
Fashion designer 

The blue dress is also one of her designs, She is known for her unique signature of Blings and this is who she is. she stands out onces she walks into a room. hahaha. yaaa what is your own signature? 

Apple does not fall far from its tree, her only daughter is also following her mothers foot step, she will be launching her swim suite line this year

Her daughter seen below , she is her moms ambassador 

Yesterday we hanged out for hours, talking and discussing how to be more productive and grab the bull by the horn, It can only get better when you surround yourself with like minded people. There is no time no tribulation, I simply believe in celebrating one another .
Stay connected here to read about beautiful people, 

Contact Joy at 416 839-2005. If you need any of her services.


                              Purchase your Tickets Today . Follow the link (here)

Augusta Olumese is a Nigerian Canadian  that lives in Castle Moore, Toronto Canada, following her over the years, she is a woman that knows how to dress according to her body type. She never misses it, tacky is not in for her. Dressing your body type could be challenging for most women, for her it   just flows and its a piece of cake. Too much accessories is not her style yet she is very luxurious and knows when to tone it down. This red ball dress caught my eye over this last valentines weekend. Her partner is also a power metro sexual, making both a power Duo.

This Gold evening one shoulder gown with the pop up red sole  Christian Louboutin is very timeless, her make up is just right for her last birthday dinner in October

dressing your curves couldn't be  better than this, Christian Louboutin shoes and LV  purse is a statement and that chunky  Neck piece completes the statement. she nailed it

Again she analyzed it with this super knees length plum Michael Kors  booth and Burberry trench Jacket. very elegant  

Lavishing in Bahamas .Last year's Family Vacation. are you adding this up????? hahaha. life is for the living

Fashionista runs in the family  find her shopping with her baby sister, 
you do the math.  she does not blink an eye to spend it.
its all about being  SOPHISTICATED AND CLASS
thank you for your time