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Welcome back again! I am really excited this month because I have so many things lined up. First off, my birthday comes up this month but I have no celebration plans…..yet. All I can say is that I have started counting down!
September is here, the harbinger of the winter months and a gentle reminder that the fun and sunshine will soon be over. I am missing the summer already. But guess what, you have to get past the winter to get to summer again, right? Don’t you love dressing up in winter layers? I don't but we don't have a choice and so let’s just embrace fall and the coming winter and own and enjoy the weather, whichever it happens to be. I never have winter blues because I create the right attitude towards winter. Lovely winter clothes, boots, snow, wood fires in the family room, Christmas smells everywhere. I just own it!

It’s been busy like you can never imagine. There is definitely no short  cut to success I can tell you that for no money.  
This week I received an amazing offer from a Bridal store in the UK so I am showcasing some off season Bridal and Bridesmaids dresses on my blog. Yeeh!

Okay Lovelies, moving on to the most interesting part……fashion
I picked up this amazing white pencil dress a couple of months back when I was in the UK. I just couldn’t resist it. I totally forgot it at the back of my closet. You know the No White After Labor Day Rule? Well, that rule is kind of out the window these days as white and beautiful colors are all trending on the fashion scene this fall. I really like the stretchy fabric and the way it hugs my body without being too clingy. It has this naughty sheer panel in front of the stomach that gives you a tiny glimpse of the stomach area. You have to hit your gym big time my friends like I do before you can dare wear this outfit and hope to rock it. Body shapers will help but as you know, they can only do so much.

I love scarfs. After clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry, my next love is scarves and I have quite a collection! Two drawers full of the stuff! So I started pulling them out! White and blue always makes a classic combination but make sure to make it more interesting and mysterious by adding a little bit of color like I have done with the scarf.  I did not wear a necklace because that would mar the classic high cut neckline of the dress. I played around with the scarf, draped it around my neck, trailed it on my purse… can do anything you please with the scarf.

Ooh boy! Don’t you just feel good when you dress well? What can I say guys except much love and 
Thank you again for stopping by

Dress;  River Island Pencil Dress, Purse: Chanel.  Silks Scarf: Chanel. Sun glasses: Quay Australia.
Shoes; Christian Louboutin



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    1. Love you darling, thank you for all the time

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, appriciated

  3. This white pencil dress looks great on you...and that blue scarf is so glam! I love how you styled it. You look like a million dollars in this combo!!!

    1. Thank you so much Ivana, yes i really love how it hugs on my body, hehehe.. million dollar chic in the making.
      thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great white dress love it!

    1. thank you so much Lovely.. I really love it. appreciated.

      thank you for your time

  5. Gorgeous outfit, that scarf completes the outfit

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    1. Thank you so much, yes , I love collecting scarfs, its gives an outfit that full sleek look...

  6. You are so beautiful kartia and you deserve every great opportunity that comes your way all the best on the project. Hip hip hurray wishing you happy birthday in advance and as you count down to your special day I pray you will also be counting more blessings and favour from GOD. You are so funny I like when you say the dress hugs so but not so clingy classic I was say. I love river Island they have some fantastic products. You rock the dress and please I know you are very busy this month but don't forget to relax to enjoy every moment.

    1. My beautiful Sonish Space, you are so kind and loving.. thank you so much for all positive and awesome prayers and wishes.. yes I am really taking it easy..not doing much for my up coming BD .. but will be travelling next month to have fun with my spouse.
      thank you for visiting