“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel

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Hello my favourite divas. I continually think of ways to keep you interested and entertained and at the same time up to date on all my fashion activities.

I have decided to blog this collection, my first ‘Original Photo Shoot’ produced one month (May11/ 2015) into my blogging journey.   I think back to waking up that morning, doing these shots but without a clue as to how to take my first step into blogging.  It was quite overwhelming. 

The weather was just warming up, so I choose this turquoise blue and purple outfit as very appropriate to usher in the summer. 
I thought the look was very flattering to my figure and style of dressing. I love the way the sheer purple skirt and sleeveless top contrasts with the electric blue in the other accessories – the shoes, belt, purse and ‘smokey’ dark sunglasses. The chunky necklace generates a little bit more activity around the neckline and elevates this classic but simple outfit, making it more interesting and eye-catching. The other thing about this selection is that you can always step it up a notch by throwing on a small fitted jacket or scarf with a little bit more color to creating some more ‘mystery’ and ‘challenge’ depending on your audience.

This day was really memorable for me, marking my ‘stepping out and coming of age as a fashionista’.

Thank you for viewing.

     Glam Squad:  Mesh skirt: Old,   Top : Hanro,  Necklace: Holt Renfrew , Belt : Gucci,  Bag : Hermis. Shoes: Gucci, Sunglasses: Prada


lolzzthe baghttp://www.chicnova.com/double-ring-pendant-all-match-pu-leather-belt.html?fsref=CategoryListmy dresshttp://shop.nordstrom.com/s/prada-baroque-54mm-sunglasses/3328948?origin=keywordsearch the heelssunglassesthe necklace

You really don't need overly expensive clothes to look fabulous , say yes to style’.S  E.S.S.E.N.T.I.A.L.S

Dress; Vintage; Shoes: Jessica Simpson; Clutch purse: BCB; Hat: Forever 21.

Hello my beautiful people. How are you all doing? I am just as fabulous as you and I thank you again for tuning in to my frequency.  Again, checking on the back to school list and glad to announce I finally got to the end of it.......or should I say I hope I finally got to the end of it.

Seriously! Are you kidding me?  Kids are truly computer wiz kids these days. My thirteen year old is my new blog manager. All I need to do is to say the word, he googles it and gets the job done. Scroll to the bottom and browse the new SHOP THE LOOK for my new affiliate partnership links and to the side is the new NORDSTROM link. All thanks to my capable and able thirteen year old ‘blog manager’

So this week I decided to go back to the 1950's Hepburn dress and guess what I found out! Back in the day, the 50’s ladies had really small frames - flat stomachs and tiny waistlines - it was really hard to find my size in a real vintage fashion. Additionally, women of the ‘vintage era’ fame wore real corsets to further enhance and streamline the waistline and they certainly didn’t have the knowledge that it was important to build body muscle mass in women just as in men. It was just the fashion and trend for women to cultivate the ‘supposed feminine’ body shape and the fashion industry basically followed suit and catered mostly to that body shape as well. 

This delicate purple pastel shades, flower print vintage theme dress is simply exquisite and the ‘liner’ just reinvented the wow factor. It looks better than the actual dress so I simply couldn't resist showing it off. The high neckline and clinging mid elbow length sleeves, demurely frames the torso giving that ‘chaste’ 50's Hepburn look. My accessories – a matching purple BCBG clutch purse; gold looped earring with matching bracelets. I left off the necklace because the high neckline is screaming for attention and doesn’t really need the necklace to further enhance.
I topped it off with the quaint naughty hat perched at a jaunty angle and at the same time, ‘upped’ the game a little with the extraordinary block high heels that throw you back into today’s fashion.

That just nailed right…………again!

Dress:  Puritan Vintage  , Heels: Jessica Simpson, Purse: BCGB, Hat: Halogen, Rings: Forever21, 


http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/tory-burch-slim-diana-leather-flap-clutch/3957798?origin=keywordsearchhttp://shop.nordstrom.com/s/danyy-platform-sandal/4113885?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=2375500&fashionColor=Black+Glitter+Fabric&resultback=2500the hathttp://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/p/kitschy-floral-cocktail-ring-1000124930http://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/p/sparkling-floral-cocktail-ring-1000058757--1001

“I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is modern.” 

― Karl Lagerfeld

Yes it’s another beautiful weekend. Just as super fabulous, as the weather permits. I am loving and enjoying every bit of it because the weather will soon ‘fall’ on us. Did you catch the fun?

Finally I have my laptop up and running again, and catching up on work I couldn't do last week. I ran full steam, squeezing in work anywhere I could find time.
As the days go by, I am coming to the realization that blogging is  not all that I thought it would be and so much more than I ever imagined. But I am taking everything within my stride. There is so much to learn and so much to master in this process and I learn new things every day. Connecting with other fashion bloggers online and sharing ideas and getting support from one another is a big plus because no one person knows it all.  No pain no gain is my mantra now.........work now and play later.............I’m loving the whole package.

Stylishly carrying off a one-shoulder outfit begins with selecting the right type of one-shoulder or off the -shoulder dress that goes with your body type.  It is real easy to search for the different styles and designs on line or in retail stores, until you find just the right one for you. Ensure that places that need coverage are covered as this is a mistake ladies make with this particular style. Sometimes a particular outfit will just not work for you due to your body type, shape or weight. Try something else then. Once that’s done, the other fashion and style elements that will complete the look such as color, fabric and accessories can be chosen with much more ease and leisure.
Here I choose this burgundy one-shoulder top and matched it with a Tan color body con skirt featuring the outside zipper which you can zip up or down to flash as much thigh as you desire. I never pass up an opportunity to purchase any nice piece showcasing the outside zipper because it really looks very fashionable. Notice the high heeled pumps? They are very comfortable. The russet evening purse compliments the burgundy top and finishes off the stylish look. You can really wear this outfit casual or formal depending on the accessories you put together with it.  

I stayed away from wearing any necklace because that would take away from the off-shoulder look which is what this entire outfit is all about. Instead, I chose small
drop earrings with matching black bangles to show off this sunset look.                                                                                                                                                                               Thank you for stopping by
                                                                                                                                                                           Hmmm. What do you think? Classy, right?

Top: Lady Dutch, Body Cone Skirt: BCBG, Sun Glasses: Forever 21 , Evening Purse: Chanel Shoes: BeBe

Make up  and pictures: https://www.facebook.com/loveglambition



The PurseThe Bottem The Heels The Glasses

 Bold Stretchy Belt: BCBG , Sun Glasses : Tom Ford

My goodness! I can’t believe it is the weekend again. I am very excited to have all my wonderful KV readers back again. It has been really busy and hectic but I refused to be totally stressed out. I always have my happy face and smile regardless of any obstacles in my path.  I stand tall and blessed. I feel too blessed to be stressed. Yeeh!

I had a really  tiring  week I tell you. It started with losing all the comments on my blog post, then it progressed to my laptop not working and then as if that wasn’t enough torture for me, I dropped my phone after which it started working erratically – man, that was almost enough to make me loose it ……but not quite. I kept thinking about you guys and the fact that I love what I do and that was enough to keep me going. My blogging career is absolutely wonderful. I am so in love with this work and my motivation is endless. It keeps me working and alert, there’s always one thing or the other to research and learn; it’s just fantastic.

Last week my fellow blogger taught me how to make a logo on line for my blog. Scroll to the bottom of my blog post to view the logo. I’m really getting quite tech savvy.

Let’s talk fashion now my friends.
Check this purple knee length vintage style dress out! Take note of it as it’s a dress to remember! Hahaha. I love it,  love it and I think every woman must have something purple in her closet. It’s such a bold, bold warm color. I did not want to compliment it with the most obvious PINK accessories, so I chose russet. See these beautiful russet high heeled shoes with gold accents and matching russet channel purse for effect. The entire look speaks not just fashion but style.
Remember, Fashion fades; only style remains the same..........Coco Chanel

The necklace is something else my dears.  It is a detachable collar, with lots of stones and glitter which pick out the gold accents in the shoe heels.

It’s just perfect for any special event where you need to stand out or draw attention to yourself. Why do you ever want to breeze by unnoticed? No way! Dress the part, make a fashion statement, and get noticed by people that matter.

Have a fun weekend, hasta la vista.

Dress: Vintage

Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Tory  Burch, Detachable Collar  Necklace : No name

 Make up and photos www.facebook.com/loveglambition



my handbagThe Glasses The Dress

The Shoes