About Me

My name is Nwando Kate (Kartia) Onyeka. I am a wife, mother, nurse and skin care consultant. As 

far back as I can remember, I had always had a love and flare for fashion and style. Back in the day 

growing up as a teenager in school, I remember wearing my school uniforms always a little different 

from the other girls! I usually hemmed my skirts a little shorter and added some beads for good 

measure…hahaha. Of course my friends, you can imagine that there was always some price to pay 

on my part as the teachers were not particularly enamoured by my creativity! 

Anyway…….., I had always wanted to be a model back then but because I never had the support or 

professional guidance that was required to transform this dream into reality, I was never able to do 

much about it and it remained just a dream for quite a long time, tucked away someplace in my 

heart, waiting to blossom. Looking forwards however (notice how I didn’t say looking backwards?), I 

honestly believe that this is the perfect time for me to showcase my love and flare for fashion and 

style with the perfect backdrop of the maturity and self-confidence that I now possess. My three boys 

are all grown: 21, 16, and 14; and I am at that point in my life where I am actually able to follow my 


My parents have ten children of which I am the sixth child. My siblings call me "ndomma" meaning 

“beautiful”, some of my friends call me "catalog", my husband calls me "my fashionista wife" and I 

call myself “Kartia Velino”. I am very optimistic about what life has to offer, I go for the best in life and 

I believe in aspiring to inspire other women with the same zeal that I have.

I invite you to step into my world and enjoy MY LOVE AND FLARE FOR FASHION AND STYLE! It 

will be a beautiful ride and you are welcome to ride with me!