1950's E.S.S.E.N.T.I.A.L.S

You really don't need overly expensive clothes to look fabulous , say yes to style’.S  E.S.S.E.N.T.I.A.L.S

Dress; Vintage; Shoes: Jessica Simpson; Clutch purse: BCB; Hat: Forever 21.

Hello my beautiful people. How are you all doing? I am just as fabulous as you and I thank you again for tuning in to my frequency.  Again, checking on the back to school list and glad to announce I finally got to the end of it.......or should I say I hope I finally got to the end of it.

Seriously! Are you kidding me?  Kids are truly computer wiz kids these days. My thirteen year old is my new blog manager. All I need to do is to say the word, he googles it and gets the job done. Scroll to the bottom and browse the new SHOP THE LOOK for my new affiliate partnership links and to the side is the new NORDSTROM link. All thanks to my capable and able thirteen year old ‘blog manager’

So this week I decided to go back to the 1950's Hepburn dress and guess what I found out! Back in the day, the 50’s ladies had really small frames - flat stomachs and tiny waistlines - it was really hard to find my size in a real vintage fashion. Additionally, women of the ‘vintage era’ fame wore real corsets to further enhance and streamline the waistline and they certainly didn’t have the knowledge that it was important to build body muscle mass in women just as in men. It was just the fashion and trend for women to cultivate the ‘supposed feminine’ body shape and the fashion industry basically followed suit and catered mostly to that body shape as well. 

This delicate purple pastel shades, flower print vintage theme dress is simply exquisite and the ‘liner’ just reinvented the wow factor. It looks better than the actual dress so I simply couldn't resist showing it off. The high neckline and clinging mid elbow length sleeves, demurely frames the torso giving that ‘chaste’ 50's Hepburn look. My accessories – a matching purple BCBG clutch purse; gold looped earring with matching bracelets. I left off the necklace because the high neckline is screaming for attention and doesn’t really need the necklace to further enhance.
I topped it off with the quaint naughty hat perched at a jaunty angle and at the same time, ‘upped’ the game a little with the extraordinary block high heels that throw you back into today’s fashion.

That just nailed right…………again!

Dress:  Puritan Vintage  , Heels: Jessica Simpson, Purse: BCGB, Hat: Halogen, Rings: Forever21, 


http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/tory-burch-slim-diana-leather-flap-clutch/3957798?origin=keywordsearchhttp://shop.nordstrom.com/s/danyy-platform-sandal/4113885?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=2375500&fashionColor=Black+Glitter+Fabric&resultback=2500the hathttp://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/p/kitschy-floral-cocktail-ring-1000124930http://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/p/sparkling-floral-cocktail-ring-1000058757--1001


  1. Thank you so much my Fablous Nadine

  2. For a black skin Woman,you're doing an amazing job...for sure, you have raised d bar! And have given voices to many with your genuineness! Kudos to your works...for the records, I love d vintage idea, cos l'm a vintage Gurl!!!

  3. Thank you so much my fabulous and ever glowing Bola. Just thought about you few days back.
    will shout out at you

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