Color Burst Around the The House

C.O.L.O.R   B.U.R.S.T
Hello and welcome back my best friends. Do you know what big deal is coming round the corner this weekend? Of course some of you love birds know already.  Valentine's Day of course! It's gonna be all red with hearts all over the place. I hope you guys have plans! You see for me it's not really about 'that kind of love' because that one goes on all the time with or without Valentine, hahaha. In my family it's all about quality family time. So we will make it a ‘family time’ long weekend and my kids always look forward to eating out, hanging out and just having fun together. We don’t eat out much so my kids are pretty excited and have already made the reservations at their favourite restaurant, God bless them!

It has been a crazy busy week as always, meetings, conferences, planning all to make sure ‘the Show’ goes on as planned for May 06th. I am super excited. 

We have just been having the most beautiful weather this week over here in Toronto. But you know how it goes – on the day I took these pictures, it was rainy and sunny at the same time. So I just could not take my game outside and I decided to stay in the house and take the few shots. 

My mood has been up beat lately so I chose bright colours to compliment my mood - Orange Capri with a royal blue top. I then threw on this crazy yellow trench coat for a Winter Street Style look. The red bandanna here is quiet apt because I am talking street style right? But not so fast folks. This is a bandanna with a flare and with an attitude. A classy and expensive bandanna from a good fashion line can enhance any look and for this particular up-scale Winter Street Style, it is a deal closer.
I love colourful suede dressy shoes because they speak volumes in terms of elegance. I matched my outfit with this royal blue pumps with the gold heel which complement my top; and a royal blue envelop clutch purse.
I snapped out my see through umbrella when it stared drizzling. 

See you soon at ‘The Awareness Fashion Show’, May 06th.
Much love form me.

SHOP the look:
Top : Ann Taylor (here)
Capri: old  (here) for look alike
Shoes Bcbg : Old (here) for look alike
clutch: (here)


  1. Nice one. Looking elegant and classy always. Love this your colour combination. Your shoe is outstanding.

  2. Replies
    1. yes girl. Loving the bright colors anytime of the year

  3. Beautiful diva! Go girl, so proud����������✔️