B.E.L.L B.O.T.T.O.M. and R.O.Y.A.L

Hello folks!  I am so happy to connect with everybody again after a very busy week over here as usual.

I’ve got a new intern working with me and she is simply fabulous. She is not only cute but she is so full of bright ideas and very resourceful and hard working. I am really pleased to have her on board. Welcome to the KV team Faith.

On the really bright side, my upcoming fashion show (here) is finally coming together in a big way and with a big bang! The full information and flyer are out on my blog and on my Facebook page. Please make sure to check out all the details and save the date. Purchase your tickets ahead of time as space is very limited.

I am so excited with my project team and I promise you there will be so many goodies to be unveiled that day. You will simply be sorry if you miss this extravaganza show.  If you are a designer or know someone who will like to come on board to showcase their 2016 creations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Today as I went to take these photos, the weather was really cold and no matter how Canadian I may be I simply could not make it outside for these pictures. I’ve been in this climate for over twenty years but I tell you the True North still packs some punches for me weather wise. I am just wondering how KV fans that live in a cold climate and are fashion bloggers swing this. Please I need your advice. The one thing I do love about the cold weather though is the fashion. Winter fashion is simply awesome and I love it. I think it makes up for the rest.

I decided to rock this 2016 bell bottom pants with a royal blue and black vest. The pants have pockets at the back, but don’t forget this style of back pockets is not really the best choice for a woman with curves like me. It will simply make you even fuller on your rear. But I managed that by pairing it with a long trench coat so all the details don’t show very much.

You know that the best shoes for the flare bottom pants are platform boots, so I slipped into these ankle boots from Christian Louboutin and picked up my Chanel purse to step up this look.
What do you think of the multiple layers of baby pink pearls beads with the Aviator sunglasses? Don’t even discuss the saucy hat that’s looks like the icing on this cake!  Classy right? I think so too.

Thank you for your time

Top: Ann Taylor (here)
Vest: Old
Pant: Halogen  (here)
Shoes : Christian Louboutin (here)
Bag: Chanel Medium boy  Lamb Skin (here)
Sun glasses: Gucci , Look alike (here)
Hat: (here)


  1. Lovely and cute. Carry on my darling sister.

    1. Yes Ify, everything is still as planed Thank you so much

  2. Released your post on the blog. beautiful styling http://moda-na-obcasach.blogspot.com/

  3. Not a bad look at all. Hats always seal the look for me :)

    1. Hehehehe, hat is getting to be my signature. thank you for stopping by.

  4. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  5. great post :) have a nice weekend!
    I follow you:)


  6. Simply fabulous...I love the whole combo...xxx