LIDIJA Lili dress

Hello everyone, welcome back again. I hope everyone is settling back into their routine of work, home making, maybe kids, school and what have you. What can I say? It has been an activity filled week, with re branding my Fashion Show, hiring a fashion editor to help me put the entire project together. I am already talking with a couple and I like what I hear so far. I have really done a lot of the work myself but because I am that kind of person that wants things perfect, I still need a project coordinator to bring it home for me with a bang and in a way that spells class and style.

When I look back to last week and all that went down, I come to realize that my obstacles are my building blocks and serve to make me stand stronger and taller. I am looking forward with so much anticipation to An Awareness Fashion Show coming up as planned on May 06. It promises to be an awesome debut for the KV blog and the Kartia Velino brand. Make sure you cleared your calendar to make way for the show. Yeeeh! The tickets are already out please visit (here)and secure your tickets
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Listen up guys, I was challenged to do zero to fifty push ups and I am recommending it as a new project for you KV fans. It was created by a friend and collaborator of mine to raise $7, billon dollars to help build some infrastructure for the underprivileged in Nigeria (here). I know you can do it, and please challenge your friends to do the same and share on social media. It is already going viral. Let’s go!

My Style Conner (Scroll down)

My Style Conner:

For this week’s post, I collaborated with one of the best Toronto based fashion designers LIDIJA Here).
She specializes in using the finest fabrics to design, very high fashion and stylish clothes ranging from every day clothes to those special occasion outfits. “Lili” is a super comfortably fitted dress made from the finest Italian fabric. The softness of this fabric makes a woman feel comfortable and beautiful and loved. Did you notice the outside seams which are an added detail to the dress that captures the very essence of it, making both myself and “Lili” stand out like a million dollars! This dress gave me such a warm and sophisticated feeling which I suspect means I will be wearing more of LIDIJA Lily’s designs in the very near future. I just feel beautifully dressed in every way while wearing “Lili”.
Around my neck you can see what appears like the neckline of the dress but it is not. “Kelly” is a handmade 100% leather statement collar necklace decorated with natural stones. The shape of the necklace and decoration of the stones make a fashion statement for all times. I gushed when I laid eyes on this delightful contraption. It is so beautifully hand crafted and designed also by LIDIJA The leather is so soft and beautifully textured while the natural stones juxtaposition comfortably against it create so much originality in this design. See more of the accessories line of very spectacular neck pieces and bow ties, (here), for your special occasions. And if you want to go shopping with Kartia at LIDIJA boutique feel free to contact me. 

This beautiful double sided figure hugging “Lili” gown is very appropriate for the cold season. The way the inside of it is as well stitched as the outside makes it double sided and truly spectacular. The length of course enhances the hour glass look. I have it all paired with a black Channel purse and beige red bottom Christian Louboutin for that very “edgy and hot look”. 

Thank you for your time my friends.

Dress: (here)
purse (here)
Shoes(here) and (here)


  1. Hi. released, your designs on my blog: http: // and on Facebook, you may like. If you want, you can send me your designs, heels, wedges, etc. As I am, to share. Regards

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Nadine yes , let me know when you will like to go shopping at LIDIJA

  3. Looking really good, cool and pretty.

    1. Thank you Ify, looking forward for the Fashion show in september

  4. Fantastic dress:) You look beautiful:)

  5. Lovely dress. Gorgeous color on you. The necklace ROCKED the outfit

    1. Awww Augusta, you are too kind. most appriciated