Welcome to my first blog post in 2016

so I completed it with an evening LV shoulder bag.

T.H.E  G.E.N.E.S.I.S
Happy New Year and hello to all you my lovely KV fans.
It’s another wonderful, favoured and blessed New Year and all thanks to Our God! How did you celebrate your holidays particularly the New Year’s Eve? I had wanted to go to a New Year’s Eve party but I cancelled and stayed home with the kids and we ended up having a blast! A family that prays together stays together, so we all stayed home and prayed together; we welcomed the New Year praying, popping champagne with cheese, crackers and some lovely brie I got from the deli earlier in the evening. We also teleported to Times Square NY, for ‘New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin’. Kathy was her usual outrageous self and Anderson was her ‘[fun]willing accomplice’. Did you watch them? I never miss them on New Year’s Eve. They have such wonderful chemistry and I am always amazed at how they both bring it together so effortlessly. It was a wonderful show!

I am super excited in this New Year and you can see it in these pictures. I had so much fun with holiday events, meeting so many like-minded people, exchanging ideas and seriously networking particularly regarding my upcoming Fashion Show. My New Year calendar is almost full, at least up till May 06!

Finally the last prep details of  ”An Awareness Fashion Show” are almost done and more details will be in the next post regarding the promised “Celebrity Guest Star!” Make sure you stay connected with me.

My Style Conner:
Some people on this side may be wondering that this outfit is not seasonal but I always keep in mind that KV fans are all over the world so season may not necessarily mean the same thing for them all. So this is my ‘winter white’ post and no matter how you look at it, white continues to be for me an all season colour. I always challenge summer’s “no white after Labour Day rule” because most designers now recreate fashion all year round in dreamy white winter wonderland angelic hues like ivory, eggshell, cream etc. So brighten and freshen up your seasonal wardrobe with some crisp and clean winter white fashions and let your inner vibrancy shine through!
I love the deep cleavage of the black corseted blouse which I think is very flattering and adds elegance, sophistication, fashion a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the outfit. 
I paired the dress  with a black marshal belt - remember that lighter colors tend to make figures appear larger and somewhat fuller (unlike black which makes you look trimmer) so the belt will help to create and enhance your natural skinny waist like mine (hahaha), giving you some semblance of trimness underneath. I have a trim waistline because I work hard on it and so I always relish every opportunity to show it off!
The ‘rock star studs’ have been very big over the summer, so I picked up these pair of ‘Valentino rock stud patent ankle strap pumps in white ‘n beige’  to go with this ‘winter white’ outfit particularly if you are in a warm climate right now.
I didn't wanna carry a black or white purse and appear all white, because I already have my ‘Cat’ black and white sun glasses! So I completed the look with a classic Louis Vuitton evening shoulder bag.

Turn up the heat in this angelic winter white outfit for all your holiday festivities and soirees; take the route less travelled and opt for classic white to make an understated statement this season. Stand out from the pack! Be different! Appear different! Get noticed right away when you stand out from the pack!
Happy reading my dears!

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Dress: (here)
Shoes (here)
cat eye sun glasses (here)
Lv Purse (old )


  1. Happy new year kartia, looking great, starting off the new yr with a bang!!

    1. Yes Winifred. This is going go be an amazing year for all of us. thenk you for your time.

  2. I love the cat sunglasses. Go kartia!

    1. Thank you Dezzies. took the shoots when I was away

  3. Looking good💄👠👗👜

    1. thank you so much Nadine .. I keep saying it that the best is yet to come.

  4. Love the look. Keep doing your thing.

  5. Sweet babe. Always on the point

  6. This outfit gives a refreshing outlook on winter. Refreshing is an apt description of the whole package. Great look Kartia, as always.