its not a dress is a maxi skirt turned into a dress.

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Hello my Darlings, this has been an amazing week I must say. I am still trying to finish up my Christmas decoration so that I can relax and get in the mood for Christmas. When it comes to Christmas decor, I am a little laid back, because once I put it up, the next thing it signals for me is shopping time. But you know what? I am not sure I really want to do much shopping this year.  I didn't shop a lot  yesterday BLACK FRIDAY too. I didn't want to get into all that craziness this year. I only bought a few things for the boys. I vowed not to go over board with shopping this holiday season and I will definitely stick to that...

I am still tuned into the fall season, but winter is round the corner and I am really not a big fan of the cold weather but still try to make the best of it. Fall fashion makes it better. The orange and yellow leaves dropping off the tress,  as though taking  some time out from the sun and their life long, never ending task  of procreation and photosynthesis is priceless. The beautiful rust and red  colors whisper ever so softy of the season going by and the promise of the one to come. Boy oh boy, winter is around the corner.


This week gone by, I was able to brave taking off my jacket during my photo shoot. The weather was very generous and I can't believe I was able to do that. Probably the last time I'll do that before good ol' winter reigns is all in!

It was sort of an all black affair for this post save for the gray jacket and the burberry's scarf. Black is always the seasons safe color and folks can't go wrong wearing black. 
I really love how I can use this outfit as a dress as well as a skirt.........I am sure you have done it before with some of your outfits. If not give it a try. The dress is just about the correct mid calf length for the  season. I am showing my legs a bit but I have these ankle boots to keep my feet warm.  

I have a special thing for mirror lens sunglasses because they just look so ooh la la! You can see I am wearing a lot of black so the sunglasses break the monotony and lend some excitement and color to the look. There's absolutely no doubt about the authenticity of the look you're seeing right now. Hahaha!

Did you notice my belt. It really compliments my waistline and creates a sleek look without too much of a fuss because my stomach is quiet flat! Something to keep on mind is that this style of belt won't do much for you without some natural sleekness to your waistline.

I love my burberry's so I tied that knot round my neck with the scarf  just to remind myself that burberry's is still the king of winter fashion. You must have a couple of these scarfs to truly get into winter fashion. 

As always, your interest in this blog makes my world go round. Thanks for stopping by. 

Thank you for your time. 

Sweater skirt/dress(here), Belt: Yes saint Laurent(here) for similar or  Alexander McQueen (here),  suede fringe purse: top shop (here) Ankle boots: Gucci(here)  sweater jacket:  look alike(here), scarf: Burberry (here) 

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  1. Katie you are unbeatable. More than too much.  Powerful look.

    1. Cant do it alone with out you, thank you for all your support and for stopping by.

  2. Lovely....u nailed it. Loooove the lipstick on you and the belt, got me

    1. woow see who finally made it here, that Belt is to die for. thank for your support.
      Call My kosi for your pictures, hehehe