How I Styled My Burberry Trench

H.O.W  I  S.T.Y.L.E.D  M.Y  B.U.R.B.E.R.R.Y.S  T.R.E.N.C.H
Hello my friends. I am so upbeat right now. It's springs, everywhere is heating up. Life is once more bubbling and things are moving.
I have a confession to make but I'm sure some of you must have caught on to me already. Did you notice that last week I merely blogged some pics and this week I am doing the write up? Yes I cheated with the post but please forgive! The culprit is my ‘schedule’ for which I am truly not complaining because I'd rather be busy than idle! Please forgive!

Recall that a couple of months ago, I mentioned how a business arrangement regarding my May 06 Awareness Fashion Show had not worked out? Well, I'm happy to testify that it was favourably resolved without me losing financially with my business contact and hopefully we will work together in the future. But it was really a big lesson.
I also want to sound a note of warning to you all about the volume of internet fraud going on with people setting up websites, facebook pages and creating profiles that are not real. Some even claim to own private jets and so on. Any crook can photo shop even a meeting with God so please be careful. The internet is not a good place to start a relationship business or otherwise. Follow up with something more tangible, set up a face to face meeting and never ever commit financially until you have concrete proof of what is being sold to you. Confidence tricksters are trolling the internet like the devil looking for susceptible men and women to devour, so please be smart and sensible. To be fore warned is to be forearmed my friends and all the best

My Style Conner:
With spring we have new fashion and new colors popping up everywhere and how best to announce this than with my favourite designer on my shoulders! I have always had a love affair with the trademark inner plaid lining and the tan gabardine outer, trademark of Burberrys pioneered 145 years ago first as just a raincoat but now as the epitome of class, style and British aristocracy in all its ramifications. Please don't forget the "s". When you see a Burberrys coat, your first reaction is ‘mmmh, what a well cut coat’ - until with a casual flick of the hand, the plaid lining is revealed by the usually "unassuming" wearer and then you go ‘oh, that explains the perfect fit’.
Everything about this look is expensively casual. The Burberrys T –shirt also set me back a couple but as I said, it's spring so let's look the part people. My black slacks sort of completed the fashion statement with the flair that always comes with well-cut slacks by Zara. I particularly liked the double row of bottoms on this one because it introduced a bit of character into an otherwise just 'plain black' pair of slacks which makes it stand out more in the photo.

I was a little conflicted with the Vince Camuto sandals, not wanting any of the attention to be taken away from the power of Burberrys but in the end I figured that this was just not gonna happen. Not with Burberrys. I think the sandals further enhanced the look by telling its own 'strappy' story. 
This is a look you can take anywhere with you. To the mall, a night out with the girls or the boys, lunch with your friends, a night out with folks, name it you got it right here. It may be a bit too dressy for Friday at work but who knows, if you have a diva image at work you may just swing it. Unfortunately I belong to the scrubs category so no work outfit for me here.

Anyway folks, please enjoy the blog and remember our date on May 06, 2016. See you there.

What I am Wearing:
Trench: Burberry (here)
Slacks: Zara (here)
Top:  Burberry (here)
Heels: Vince Camuto (here)