"Never use the Word "cheap". Today everybody can look chick in inexpensive clothes, (the rich buy them too) there is a good clothing design on every level today. you can be chicest thing in the world in a T shirt and jean. Its up to you.
Karl Lagerfeld.

Good morning .Welcome back to KV'S  fashion  blog, and how are you all doing? Wooow  you can say it again. I am absolutely drained  out. After hosting  over sixty  people  in my house  for  my Husband's birthday party last  weekend.  Thank you so much to those who made the party very special.we are so humble.
  Hello am super happy about my blogging  and  extremely getting  empowered by  the encouragement  of friends and family members. Thank  you so much  for being  there  for me.
Hehehehe. .   It is definitely  looking  like  there  will be no summer  in Toronto  area.  The weather  still  seems  a bit cold  in the mornings and evenings.   Am definitely  looking forward to beach pictures.
I am starting  my yoga 
Hehehehe  fashion is a circle. I have had this Flare bottom pants  and  the jacket for over 18 years, and I can't seem  to give it away because  I  believe  that style  is intuitive.  The  pant  still  fits perfectly, and the blazer, I cut  down  the lengths, removed the old button and wore it with a  beautiful  silver broach, just  to make it trendy and  stimulate  the earth  appetite and simplicity.  I matched  it with a baby pink T Shirt , a cow boy hat for country look and i used the scarf instead of a necklace.  Of course  the beauty  of flare  bottom  is the high  heel shoes to  compliment it

Glam Squad
Pant and blazer :  No name brand
Bag: Furla
Shoes: Fendi
T shirt; Tommy Hilfiger
Sun glasses: River Island brand ( London, UK)
Scarf: No name brand
Hat: forever 21
broach pin: Gift
Pictures and make up credit : Love Glam
Aspiring to Inspire


  1. Flares have made a huge comeback and are served heavily on runways. I too have a flair for flares. I love this look. Great styling and lovely pictures. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

    1. Yes darling Idu it is really a huge comeback. I love it so much never goes off of style.

  2. Raisingdbar a motivational talk show
    thank you so much for your encouraging words.
    yes girl, the outfits snugs a bit. hahaha but i still rocked it.

  3. harriethomas
    thank you so much for always being there.