O.u.t.d.o.o.r P.u.r.s.u.i.t.s

"I like to walk around with bare feet and I don't like to comb my hair."
- Beyonce Knowles


Hello My KV friends and I hope you had a great week! Welcome back to The KV
A big Shout Out to the first week of July. It looks like summer has finally arrived in
the Toronto area. I was really getting a bit worried we were not going to have a
warm enough July but I guess I couldn't be more wrong, thank goodness. I’m quite
happy to be wrong on this one. A little oxymoron there my friends!
Did you know that July is the month of the “bizarre and unique holidays?” How
about - July 3rd - Compliment your mirror day - mmmh? Shouldn’t it be the other
way round? Anyway, make sure to compliment your mirror for this absolutely stunning
face you see before you in the mirror. Also on July 3rd is Stay out of the sun day
- how come? We’ve been indoors all winter!  July 6th is International kissing day -
appreciate and share the kiss…mwah!  July 10th - Teddy bear picnic day - the kids
will love this day. Take your bear for a picnic kids, no kidding and no pun intended!

Lots of grown-ups keep their teddy bears too so take them to work and out to lunch
with you. July 12th - Different colored eyes day - celebrates diversity of eye color
and the unusual condition called heterochromia. July 15th - Cow appreciation day -
go out and give a cow a hug guys ….. And many more unusual holidays this month
of July.

Again, how was your week? I was so engrossed in pampering myself with massages,
exercise, detox and catching up on my beauty sleep that I didn’t notice the days fly
by. Last week was quite hectic with concluding arrangements for my youngest son’s
summer program and what have you. So this week on the other hand, was devoted
to taking care of me! Hahaha!

Things are literally heating up so be sure to protect your skin by keeping it well
hydrated. Your skin is simply thirsty for moisture so quench that thirst with a good
moisture therapy. For extra hydration I always use 2-in-1 organic body oil
from www.katiesbodyspize@yahoo.com  for that luscious and extra moisturized feel on my skin.
This daintily fragrance oil has the fruity, crisp, fresh, enchanting and whimsical whiff
of lavender which is absolutely great for summer relaxation.
The things I love about summer are walking bare feet around the house (great and
conducive particularly if you have adopted the holistic lifestyle), and long evenings
spent in the backyard and garden.  Don’t forget your sun-glasses, bug spray and
preferred sunscreen lotion anytime you’re outdoors.
One of the other great pleasures this time of the year is getting a nice pedicure, and
showing off well-groomed feet and skin. I guess many of you can relate to this.
There you go! Say yes to this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

Since black is one of the colors we can confidently wear any time of the year, this
gorgeous, flowing maxi cotton dress with chest support for a perfect fit is a total turn
on and a very effortless-to-wear dress.  Notice how it hugs my chest while showing
off my natural curves? It is perfect for a day out shopping or visiting friends or just
relaxing at home entertaining friends and family. You can never have enough “black
things” in your closet because they are so versatile. Remember your “life saver little
black dress?” Hahaha. I bet you know exactly what I mean!
To compliment this black maxi, choose a pair of sandals (to show off that lovely
pedicure), or wear pumps to dress it up. Absolutely you can dress it up too! That’s
your choice.  I personally love to TURN DIME INTO DIVA so go for it, however you
wanna roll! Just wear it with your natural self-confidence and panache my friends.
Hope you enjoyed this outfit. It’s one of my favorites and I love it.

My goodness! Did I just write all that? Once I start writing about fashion I just don’t
notice how time flies! Enjoy the rest of your week while I go for picnic.

Ciao! and thanks for stopping by.

Glam Squard
Dress: Joe fresh.
Sun glasses: Dior
picture and makeup credit: Love glam
Aspiring to Inspire.
By K.V



  1. Thank you so much Juliet 'Kego Ume-Onyido
    yes its really an awesome freedom to go barefoot around the house

  2. thanks a lot harriethomas. .. yes the dress can be casual and dressy at the same time