“Give a girl, the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."
 ……………………Marilyn Monroe

Hello and welcome back KV readers. Hasn’t it been a swell summer so far? I sincerely hope you’ve been having as good a time as me. It’s been a whirlwind of activities and l love every inch of this gloriously resplendent summer weather. There’s being relaxing cozy picnics, get-together and barbecues - a very promising start to the summer festivities. It’s been great so far! But that’s until I fell down the stairs at a friend’s party and twisted my ankle! I thank God though that it was no more serious than that and there were no broken bones. Think about it.  I was wearing 6 inch heels and it could have been a real disaster for me! Getting around the house these past few days has not been easy but my kids have been phenomenal, doing more than their fair share of housework.

My greatest motivation and inspiration to getting back on my feet and get out there to take these radiantly dazzling shots was you, how exciting. I also had an interview about bridging the gap to get to the next level with fabulous Host Bola Olutoryor idowu CEO of Raisingdbar talk show. To be aired in few weeks. please stay connected here for details

On the fashion scene, ‘color blocking’ is in and bold and bright colors are trending.  Any pair of opposing primary or secondary colors that complement or enhance each other can be worn together this season for that exact synergy needed to capture that richly sleek, luscious and resplendent summer look. Mmmh, you can tell I love the word ‘Resplendent!’
But a word of caution, no pun intended, – don’t make it too complicated as ‘color blocking’ isn’t for the faint hearted! My one rule of thumb with the accessorizing is – less is better!

One of the season’s trends in ‘color blocking’ is enhancing ‘Pink’ with ‘Green’ -
This ‘hot pink’ flowing chic skirt makes a ‘girlie girl’ fashion statement. It says you are not only intuitive and bold but also filled with empathy and sensitivity while unequivocally doubling down on your confidence within your girl skin! The color inspires hope, warmth and comfort and that sense that everything will be okay.
The strong bold emerald green of this long sleeved button down blouse on the other hand, inspires growth and nature. It exudes a calm and relaxing quality that’s very easy on the eyes. The serenading effects of both colors flow seamlessly with the understated jewelry to create an overall sense of serenity and poise, the perfect ‘agenda’ for any formal or semi-formal occasion.
Note how the eye shadow picks out the sparkle in the earrings, while the matching bracelets and necklace compliment the casual slick, compact purse without overwhelming the outfit. The contrast from the two-toned black and grey slip-ons is the perfect finish for this very polished and classy look.
Step out in this outfit with your note pad because you will need that to record the avalanche of ‘cat calls’ that will come your way.
Happy prowling my friends!
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Thank you for your Time

Glam Squad
Blouse: J Crew
Skirt: Adam Beall
Shoes: Ivanka Trump
Clutch : Bcbg
Accessories: Zara
Sunglasses: Gucci
Make up and photographs  by loveglam

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  1. I love the colour combination dear......you look lovely . I hope your ankle keep getting better .

    1. Aww. thank you so much. yes my ankle is much better.
      much appriciated

  2. Wow.....color blocking at its most perfect. Mmmh. Sweeeeeeetttt!

    1. Thank you @ shoutoutyourstyle. too sweet. I guess

  3. Such a good colour combo ❤️❤️❤️