Orange is the New Black

O.R.A.N.G.E  I.S  T.H.E  N.E.W  B.L.A.C.K

Ooh la la!  Hello and welcome to the blog. This is our time KV Nation! Well, I like the sound of that. KV Nation. Mmmh! Let's turn this KV thing into real nation with a culture of beautiful hardworking, fun loving people from all over the world. 
The week has been awesome weather wise. I'm seeing some sun light finally but there is still a bit of snow from a few days back. But it's looking good. I can’t wait for warmer weather to roll in. Here Comes The Sun…...doo da doo doo…..I say it’s alright……. by The Beatles. You know that song?
I am sure you are all having fun and getting ready to kick start the new fashion season. I have been working on my Awareness Fashion Show project as you know and Toronto is getting ready for the Toronto fashion show and of course you know that KV will be there because I just love what I do. My friend ‘Dez always tells me to spend time doing what I know best to do and to keep making it better. She is so right!

My Style Conner:
As my mom would say, it never rains, it pours. That's why it is 'pouring' orange fashion with class today in My Style Conner.
You can't go wrong with black any time of the year. You know that already right? This black jump suit with the front zipper is just the perfect sight for sore eyes don't you think? I decided to create a basic color theme so I paired it with this cool orangeade of an orange 'over size' spring jacket I pick up from one of my travels. Orange is luscious, bold and daring. Not for the faint hearted because an orange color scheme could go downhill fast. So just 'kiss' (Keep It Simple Stupid).
Since it was a decidedly orange and black affair I figured these black knee high classic made boots - a present from a friend a while back - had a role to play and they fell in with the entire picture. The only thing left out was my old orange envelope clutch so I picked it up too!
The fur throw is a gift as well and takes pride of place around my neckline.
People always ask why I get so many gifts. Hahaha! My answer? Givers never lack. Lolz. 

Don’t forget to make it a date on May 6th. Get your tickets today (here) for An Awareness Fashion Show. Be a part of KV Nation and see you there. 

Incase you don't know. Maple leave is Canada symbol. I am a proud one.
Thank you for your time.

Shop the Look:
Jump Suit (here)
Orange Spring jacket:  (here)
Knee high boots:  old gift but try (here)
Envelope purse : old but try  (here)
fur scarf:  gift but try  (here)


  1. What a bright way to usher in the spring season. You make simple rock!!! Me likey.

  2. Black and orange is a perfect match. You can't go wrong with those colors. Job well done gurl