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Hello and welcome back, how is every one doing? super happy that winter is almost over. well if you have been  following on my facebook, you know that my other name is busy Bee, very endless circle.  my calender is over flowing with events, but guess what I  am a super believer in Net working, to get to where I want be. 
Alright, this week we are talking makeup trends, Seen in this post is the owner and CEO of Wright Artistry, a make up artist , she is also a friend, and  one of the Sponsors in an up coming fashion show (here)
So we finished a Vlog  , (coming out this week) and just decided to shoot this pictures, it was kind of unplanned, but you know, with KV we need to keep up that momentum .
I  don't really wear my make up heavy, I personally believe in keeping it simple, Robin decided to do this subtle look, yet very elegant and glamorous. she used Hi -def  Foundation 02, Concealer trio  naked trio eye shadow,  Mascara intense,  

This is so amazing, we are both wearing similar pants , love how hers has a large pocket with zipper pronounced, and mine has some double white  rim . remember that black makes you look leaner, . you can never go wrong with black.

On March 17th wright Artistry will be walking the run way and she will show case her line while KV will be the Ambassador for Wright Artistry,  you can purchase your tickets (here)  come and mingle with us, we are waiting for you

Wright Artistry is also offering an Affiliate link, All the products she used can be purchased on website (here) or just scroll down to footer of this blog to find the website. 

Thank you for Stopping by,
follow this link (here) for all product,
Picture credit to IntrinsIQ mag (here)
have am amazing weekend.


  1. You look lovely my dear.....up up you will be going IJN.

    1. thank you so much Uche. Am glad to have beside me